Hi! I’m Amber! I’m married to my fun-loving firefighter hero and a mama to three beautiful girls! We currently live in the Houston area with dreams of moving to the mountains!

I created The Ford Five to jot down my journey through motherhood and working at home, while sharing those little goals and milestones along the way!

If you love home projects, parties, creating, and a little bit of budgeting, you’ll feel right at home here! Whether it’s business advice, planning a party, or designing and creating something, I’m here for it all!!

I run a small shop named georgiatisdale.com and that has taught me to be quick creative in time management, creating something and budgeting. Do you know what I mean when I say “quick creative?” That’s a last minute, “Mom, I need that in an hour!” or “Mom, I forgot to tell you I need $25 dollars today” type of creative! Whether it’s shaking out the girls piggy banks because Mama doesn’t have cash or designing a shirt and whipping it up for a birthday party gift that’s in an hour, I’m pretty good at being quick! This house is always running on the scent of brewing coffee and a some chaos. Being quick to think of ideas for entertainment or just plain old life happenings, is my thing!

Although I do love to switch out the scent of coffee for White Barn candles and relaxation every once in a while.