What’s your morning routine? Are you productive in the morning or absolutely not. I am a morning person (now). I used to dread the mornings when I had to wake up at 4:30am to go to work. Now I find that having a morning routine is something I look forward to when I go to bed. Knowing I have a plan as soon as I wake up helps me sleep better. I don’t need a loud alarm on the other side of the room, but I totally understand that some people do! I have my FitBit alarm on and it buzzes lightly between 4:30 and 5am, whenever my body is at its light sleep stage. That feature is so cool. It monitors your sleep and knows when you are in deep, light, REM and awake and will only wake you up in light sleep, not to interrupt your deep sleep.

I will make the bed, get my morning energize drink, workout and then watch the news or journal in my chair while the house is quiet and peaceful. I love those two hours before the girls wake up and the house gets crazy. It let’s me start my day on my terms!

Having a morning routine can change your life! I am a strong believer. Set out your planner, your journal, your workout clothes, or whatever else it is you want to do in the morning and have it somewhere close by. If you’re just starting a morning routine then this will help organize your thoughts as you are waking up. One less thing to think about!

When we brought Georgia home from the hospital, she was not a morning person and still isn’t. She will sleep til 10am if I let her! My routine was completely interrupted and it was hard to get back after being completely exhausted all day, but I did it. I forced myself to do it and my days are defined now, defined by what I want them to be, happy and well planned out!


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